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Bold, Classy, Elegant, Limyè.

The Brand

Bold, classy, eccentric but easy to wear, this is Limyè. For women that support each other and are not afraid to inhabit their femininity.

Limyè is an Italian, sustainable, luxury clothing brand, which connects women celebrating their beauty. Limyè aspires to empower women and to help them shine in their everyday lives. Limyè is founded by Lucia Tittarelli, Italian fashion designer with Russian, Romanian, Hungarian and Montenegrin origins, born in Bucharest and raised in Italy by her adoptive family. The word limyè means light in the Haitian language and so the brand serves to acknowledge and celebrate this fundamental light that shines in every woman. Limyè puts together the charming diversities between cultures willing to overcome social and ethnographic walls because what’s fashion if not a bridge made to link different realities?

About Lucia Tittarelli

Since her earliest childhood memories of making clothes for her toy dolls and organizing catwalks for her friends and family, the world of Fashion was always the destination for Limyè’s founder Lucia Tittarelli. Fast forward 27 years to having graduated in Fashion, worked for the likes of FENDI, and having been on a personal journey of discovery, finding love, and travelling across Europe to track down her biological family, she felt that 2018 was the perfect moment in time to give life to her lifelong dream, and this is Limyè.


Luxury Quality Standard

A blend of Eastern European and Italian influence defines the Limyè style. The unique and exceptional quality of fabrics combined with a traditional Italian handmade culture makes Limyè collections appeal to those women who appreciate something special.

The representative of the dualistic bloodlines of its founder and designer Lucia Tittarelli; the signature Limyè style is one that speaks to both its Eastern and middle European influence. On the one hand bold, Eastern European elegance using furs and leathers infused with gold, white and woody colored designs and on the other hand Italian class and tailored comfort using premium quality Italian silk, wool, cotton, and linen.

From Como silk to specially designed linen, cotton, leathers and paillettes, Limyè only uses the finest premium quality Italian fabrics, hand selected by designer and creative director Lucia Tittarelli. All pieces are handmade in middle Italy and Limyè is proud to take on the mantle and continue the steeped tradition of luxury handmade Italian fashion.


Innovation with 3D Body Scanning

Limyè is working on a solution for the outdated sizing system used today throughout the Fashion industry. Working with a 3D Engineering partner company in the US, the brand is developing a software, that coupled with 3D body scanning technology will allow clients to shop online using their tailored body measurements. Customers will be able to order Limyè pieces from the Limyè website, tailored to their fit with one click. In 2018 Limyè was selected among the top 150 innovative startups in Europe to present this project at the WEBIT festival in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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    Lucia Tittarelli

    Founder and Fashion Designer
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    Samuel Turner

    Sales and Marketing Manager

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